With the fundamental goals being capital preservation and providing superior risk-adjusted returns, GCP seeks opportunities under the following general guidelines:

  • “Value-add” opportunities: GCP prides itself on underwriting each opportunity to a business plan that leverages our competitive advantage to increase the value of an asset. Whether it is the lease up of vacant space, repositioning and updating an asset from a physical standpoint, taking advantage of improving market conditions, or some combination thereof; GCP looks at each opportunity with an eye toward physical and economic improvement.
  • Office and Industrial Product types: The Investment Committee members of GCP have a combined 50+ years of experience evaluating and operating commercial real estate with a focus on office and industrial product types.
  • Target Markets: GCP seeks investment opportunities in the Northeast and Mid- Atlantic commercial real estate markets due to our physical presence within those markets and the large, established metropolitan regions that reside on and near the east coast. These Metropolitan Statistical Areas (“MSA’s”) tend to be large centers of employment for innovative and resilient industries (bio-technology, defense, medical / healthcare, education, financial services and information technology). These regions have educated workforces with skilled labor, and have established education and research facilities that are attractive to employers and promote economic growth.
  • GCP’s current portfolio consists of 2.6 million square feet across 28 Buildings, and the total value of the portfolio (gross purchase price at acquisition) is $322.7 million.


Based on the depth of its experience in the primary target markets and its length of service in the commercial real estate space, GCP believes it can source better investment opportunities, bring creative and innovative solutions to add value, and manage these investments to produce significant returns while minimizing risk to our investor’s capital. Some of these advantages include:

  • Investment Experience: Throughout their careers, the GCP Investment Committee members have financed, acquired, leased and/or managed in excess of $1.5 billion (or 12 million square feet) of commercial real estate. This experience provides a breadth of knowledge on how to run efficient buildings, attract and retain tenants, gain approval from local authorities for development or redevelopment, utilize leverage and maximize financing relationships, provide accounting, financial controls / reporting and investor relations.
  • Strong Local Relationship: The GCP Investment Committee members average 18 years of experience in financial services and commercial real estate, acquiring, leasing and/ or managing real estate investments in the primary target regions. Over time, each principal has developed deep and personal relationships with real estate brokers, lenders and other participants in the local markets. Such experience and relationships increase the opportunity for accurate and sometimes proprietary market knowledge, leading to numerous “off market” acquisition opportunities and efficiencies in management and leasing.
  • Pipeline:The experience and time invested in each individual MSA by the Principals of GCP will afford propriety information and deal flow prospectively leading to “off market” type transactions, or other transactions that are marketed only to a select few. In this manner, GCP will creatively source “local deals,” while staying “below the radar,” of larger, competitive, institutional investors.
  • Narrowing Down the Target Markets: The Principals of GCP have operated in each of the local markets long enough to understand how the ebb and flow of the real estate cycle affects each market. This is invaluable knowledge in understanding the best and worst sub-markets within each MSA and which locations react best to changes in the broader economy.
  • Transaction Experience: Throughout their careers, the GCP Investment Committee members have transacted commercial real estate deals utilizing numerous structures and partners, both buying and selling from institutional investors, private investors and lenders alike. As such, GCP maintains the experience to structure each acquisition in a manner that will be most beneficial to investors. In addition, in distressed market scenarios GCP’s leadership possesses significant experience performing “workouts” with lenders with a goal of preservation of the capital invested.
  • GCP’s Maryland properties are managed by GCP Management, an entity controlled by Grander Capital Partners. Having the ability to manage properties in-house enables GCP to effectively streamline processes such as construction management, budgeting, lease administration, financial reporting, and more.